Frameless Shower Glass

DFW Glass Repair - Frameless Shower Glass Services

Frameless Shower Glass DFW is considered to be very appealing, and they provide a contemporary look to any bathroom. They create an illusion of airy space that can keep you refreshed. Furthermore, they are very easy to clean since it has no frame attached to it which are creating a hassle. Also, it will give a cleaner bathroom as the chances of settling of mildew, Mold, and soap scum is very less. The Frameless doors are made using a very thick glass with strong hardware to support it. Additional frame fabrication is provided in the Frameless design such as notches, polishing, and holes.

The Frameless shower Glass designed by DFW glass repair is very easy to clean as they are oil and water repellent. Our Frameless shower glass comes up with an ultra-thin layer that has an apparent material, which significantly makes it quite easier to clean as well as quickly resist weathering. It is created using covalent bond which is perhaps ten times stronger than the hydrogen-bridge bonds, which are used in any other types of glass.

The Frameless shower Glass DFW is oil and water repellent which results in the following:-

  1. Stain resistance
  2. Lifetime warranty
  3. No need to use toxic cleaners.
  4. Reduction in bacteria and mold
  5. Impact resistance
  6. 20% more effective
  7. Scratch resistance

Nowhere else, you can get the Frameless shower Glass, in the time frame of just 48 hours. So, stop thinking and perhaps order the Frameless Shower Glass from us.

Why should you buy Frameless Shower Glass from DFW glass repair?

You can customize Frameless Shower glass as per your requirement:- You won’t be limited to mass-produced shower doors as you can customize the shower as per your need. Furthermore, it adds a lot of flexibility to the installation that you would make.

Frameless Shower glass looks elegant:- In general, framed shower glass looks bulky as the edges are being covered by metal, rubber, or any seal. Concerning it, Frameless shower doors look pleasing to the eye and thus give you a clean and fresh look.

You would minimize the mold risk using the Frameless shower glass:- The frameless shower can potentially minimize the mold that will grow in the shower as well as the places where the water would be collected in the shower. With the framed shower glass, you will face the risk of water build-up underneath the seal of the door which thereby gives the place for the mildew and mold to grow. In comparison, Frameless shower doesn’t have such risky areas. Moreover, they are easy to clean as well.

DFW glass repair is a very proven and established contractor based out in the USA. We come up with a very strong portfolio of Frameless Shower Glass service which can help us to create a customized design. We treat every project of us as a part of our next portfolio. We feel that the best way to establish yourself is to win the locality of the customer and this, in turn, can be achieved through our quality work. So, stop hesitating and order Frameless Shower Glass.